Illuminating the Value of Open Data

The Data Foundation's mission is to illuminate the benefits of transforming government information into standardized, open data. The technology industry is our constituency. Government is our primary audience.

Accordingly, we undertake research projects that objectively explore the benefits and challenges of open data. Our research projects are intended to make open data concepts accessible for policymakers. We select research projects with these broad criteria in mind.

Our research projects explain how open data can improve government and society - and the related challenges and drawbacks policymakers must conquer. We are grateful to our Data Foundation supporters for making these projects possible.

Recent Research

Focus Areas

The Data Foundation focuses its nonpartisan research, education, and programming in three areas.

  1. Deploying government data for public good. By transforming public-sector information from disconnected documents into standardized, open data, we are making governments more transparent on the outside and more efficient on the inside.

  2. Modernizing compliance data for efficiency and effectiveness. By replacing form-based compliance with data-centric reporting, we reduce compliance costs and enable better oversight.

  3. Harnessing private-sector data to improve business and society. By encouraging private-sector companies and nonprofits to open their operational data for broader use, we create opportunities for feedback, collaboration, and insight.


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